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Ten reasons to buy a Media Centre Edition PC

Why is Windows XP Media Centre Edition 2005 amazing? Is it because you can control and enjoy all your entertainment - TV, digital photos and music - from a single device? Or is it because, as well as enjoying advanced digital entertainment capabilities, you can also take advantage of all the features of a powerful PC? Discover the top 10 benefits of the Media Centre Edition PC here.

1. The most complete Microsoft Windows experience designed for the home, with features not available anywhere else. From a sleek, polished new look for Windows XP that extends to all of your applications, to the built-in CD and DVD burning support new in Windows XP Media Centre Edition 2005, this is the best version of Windows for the home. Unique and customisable logins for each member of the family ensure everyone has their own document and media libraries, and a desktop they can personalise with new themes, screensavers and more. Built on Windows XP Service Pack 2, choose from the widest range of software, hardware and services all designed to work together more securely. And tap into increased entertainment and personal productivity.

2. Developed as the family-room entertainment centre. Connect your Media Centre Edition PC to a standard TV or widescreen, and enjoy your digital media in a dynamic home-theatre environment all with the convenience of a remote control. New ultra-quiet designs from major PC manufacturers look and work great as a part of your home theatre with up to 7.1 speaker surround-sound. Set-up is a breeze from a remote control, complete with support for wireless networks and automatic updates that keep your Media Centre Edition current, while the Display Calibration Wizard helps you configure your TV signal and display type and video playback quality, so you can enjoy the best possible experience from your equipment. Enhanced widescreen support enables you to toggle between normal, zoom and stretch video modes to fit widescreen displays. Start a movie, get comfortable and enjoy.

3. Enjoy more of your entertainment in one easy-to-use place. Windows XP Media Centre Edition 2005 keeps your entertainment in one familiar place that's easy to use with a keyboard and mouse or a remote control. Browse thumbnail images of your music, photos and videos to easily find entertainment. You can even view photos, music, video and more stored on other PCs or devices around the home, all from a single hub. Simply resize the Media Centre Edition window and you can conveniently listen to music or watch a football game, film or video while doing something else on your PC such as surfing the web.

4. Easily transfer, touch up and share photo slideshows with music. Transfer photos effortlessly with Plug and Play support for a wide range of over 250 digital cameras. Just plug your camera in and transfer photos to your library with a click. View slideshows to music, or touch up blemishes with features such as automatic red-eye removal, auto contrast fix, and support for automatic or manual crop. You can even rotate and print photos.

5. Burn and back-up music, photos, recorded TV and home movies onto CD or DVD. Back-up your photos, music, TV programmes and home movies onto DVD1, or share photos and home movies on DVDs that play in most home DVD players, right from within Media Centre Edition 2005. You can even create and share home movies with over 100 transitions and effects in Windows Movie Maker 2.1 with DVD-burning built in.

6. Discover, watch, pause, rewind and record live TV — all with no service fees. Record up to two live TV shows1 at the same time and match them to your schedule with optional Personal Video Recording (PVR). Windows XP Media Centre Edition 2005 works with any standard signal, from a basic antenna to cable, digital cable and satellite. You can even use your PC while programmes are recording in the background. Easily discover what's on, by channel or time, using the built-in Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) with no service fees, or use the new Movie Finder to browse films to record by time, release date, rating, actor and so much more. It's like having your local rental store and a movie guide all in one place and with no service fees.

7. The first home computer operating system designed for enjoying high-definition quality via TV, DVD or even the web. Watch live local digital TV1 on equipped PCs complete with full personal video recording1, pause, rewind and Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) support. Windows XP Media Centre Edition 2005 technology is high-definition TV1 compatible so you’ll be able to tap into the latest HDTV films when the technology becomes available in the UK.

8. Listen to radio broadcasts from all over the world. Windows XP Media Centre Edition 2005 includes an integral FM radio tuner1. It can be opened and controlled from the remote, and you can record or even pause the live audio stream, so you can step out of earshot without missing a note.

9. Carry your entertainment with you on a Portable Media Centre or music player. Enjoy entertainment on-the-go by automatically synchronising with a wide choice of portable players, including the amazing new Portable Media Centre, which provides easy access to your photos, recorded TV1, music, films and more.

10. Connect to films and music in your living room — on demand. Now, with Media Centre, the PC and remote control introduce you to brand new entertainment experiences. Media Centre connects you with entertainment options available from leading online, on-demand content providers. Rent and watch digital films. Find and download new music. Watch film previews. Catch up on the news. Play games. Discover a world of entertainment from the comfort of your favourite chair.



TV, radio and DVD-burning features may vary by computer. Connectivity and synchronisation may require separately purchased equipment and/or wireless products. Service plans may be required for Internet, Wi-Fi and phone access. See device manufacturer or service provider for more details. Where relevant, please ensure you have permission from the copyright owner.

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